Mobile Teams

Stansted Aerospace Limited has the flexibility to work with the customer on several different levels.

Stansted Aerospace has supplied a team of engineers to work under the inspection and supervision of the customer, in order to ensure that all their requirements were achieved.

The company can supply a B1 licensed engineer to sit with the customer’s quality board enabling our engineer to hold company approval or certify the work carried out and issue a Form 1 for the structural content.

Stansted Aerospace can provide their customers with multi-disciplined project teams to manage and deliver heavy maintenance and support line based operations globally.

Individual specialist engineers can also be provided to carry out minor repairs, support line maintenance programs and assist on any projects where our customers may require support.

Stansted Aerospace can supply an experienced B1 licensed engineer to oversee the project and liaise with the customers to ensure the highest quality of service is provided.

Stansted Aerospace are able to implement SBs, Engineering Orders, major repairs and modifications.